Alps Touch Pad Driver for Xorg Server

Feel free to may pick the source code of my home made alps-2010-12-25-1957.tar.gz driver. This tarball also produces some documentation, but the resulted alps.pdf is here for convenience. On my system the stripped result is a 26360 byte shared object.

There is also an older alps-2009-10-16-1706.tar.gz version which fails to compile under current Gnu/Linux-UBuntu 10.04.

This driver was written out of my desire to have something simple that works efficiently on my ancient UMAX ActionBook 530T. It uses many ideas of the synaptics driver written by Peter Ă–sterlund which now happily lives in freedesktop. Of course I also learned a lot from the X Input Driver HOWTO documentation.

Here is a screen-shot of its "live" configuration tool

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